Freesia flowers convey a variety of meanings, including friendship, innocence, thoughtfulness, perseverance and being high-spirited.

Freesia is both the common and scientific name for these delicate flowers. They gained their name when botanist Christian P Ecklon named them after a fellow botanist,  Friedrich H. T. Freese as a tribute to their friendship. It is said that freesias symbolize friendship to honour the bond between Ecklon and Freese.

Freesia is a symbol for multiple sentiments. The traditional yellow flower is said to mainly signify friendship while the white freesia is used as an expression of innocence. The bell-shaped flower with an almost citrus fragrance comes in a variety of colours, but specific meanings are only attached to the white or yellow freesias.

The long-lasting cut flower has become a common addition to contemporary floral bouquets and is also the traditional flower for a seventh wedding anniversary. Contemporary florists, noting its graceful appearance, recommend freesia for someone who is graceful under pressure.