13- My Top 3 favourite artificial stems to make your flower arrangements look like real

My Top 3 favourite artificial stems to make your flower arrangements look like real

25. May. 2022

It’s easier than you think to make artificial flowers look real. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you have your favorite flowers blooming in your home that lasts a long time? Today I’m sharing my top 3 artificial stems to make your pretty faux boom look real.

Silver dollar eucalyptus in vase

1.Silver dollar eucalyptus

Part of what makes silver dollar eucalyptus so appealing is its gorgeous silvery-blue color and rounded, coin-shaped leaves. Its stems are slender and bend easily, allowing you to weave it into many different arrangements. Use it as a filler in mixed bouquets or as the base for an all-greenery centerpiece. Flowers like roses and peonies, as well as complementary colors like deep burgundy, purple, white or blue (think of hydrangeas!) perfectly pair with it to create a stunning arrangement that will last in a vase without any maintenance.

Silver dollar eucalyptus is a great choice if you’re looking for hardy greenery that can stand on its own. With its long stem length, silver dollar eucalyptus is also ideal for tall centerpieces.

2. Baby’s Breath

While baby’s breath is a small, delicate flower, it plays a big role in wedding flower arrangements. You can use baby’s breath as either the main focal point or an accent piece in your bouquet. Most commonly, you’ll see this delicate flower used to accent other flowers in bouquets and boutonnieres.

Baby’s breath also looks beautiful when used as a filler for larger floral arrangements. These tiny blossoms fill out an arrangement nicely and add texture to the overall look of your flowers. It will add an elegant touch into your bouquet or centerpiece designs.

3.Artificial greenery

Artificial greenery is another great way to fill in gaps. It comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes and is perfect for occasions and events where you need a floral arrangement that will last a long time without drying out or being too fragile. Greenery plays a huge role in making your bouquet unique. It gives the arrangements colour, texture, height, volume, and fullness.

When arranging artificial flowers, it’s tempting to use a wide range of colors, but it’s better to stick to complementary tones along with some greenery. Consider odd numbers if you’re displaying a few single stems in a vase, and when you’re making larger arrangements strive for lots of texture and different blooms at different heights.

Be sure to style each stem separately, keeping in mind that real flowers droop rather than stand straight up, and do not hesitate to shorten the stem at the base with a pair of wire cutters. Our goal is to make the flowers look pretty in the container we choose!

I hope you found an idea or two for bringing some artificial stems into your arrangements! Thank you for taking the time to stop by the Journal.

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