Eucalyptus garland – Green leaf garland

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  • Eucalyptus garland
  • Green leaf garland
  • Eucalyptus country wedding
  • Felt Eucalyptus leaves
  • Vertical garden garland backdrop

This eucalyptus garland is all hand assembled using 2 colours of green wool blend felt. It ships flat, but every branch, no matter how delicate is wired to shape full and bushy, or low profile if you like. This garland is perfect for hanging over doorways, over wooden name initials, around mirrors and as many craft project . Hang it up to incorporate some nature into your country boho wedding. This felt eucalyptus leaves could be a great addition for your vertical garden.

The leaves on the garland are glued to the wire and the wire is wrapped around the twine. It’s all made by hand so each garland is uniquely different and the leaves may vary form time to time. This could be a personal and unique gift to her in a boho floral nursery!

Other ideas for this garland….
-Photo booth frame
-Christmas swag
-Photo shoot backdrop

Please choose the length (50cm /75cm /100cm /125cm/ 150cm) you like from the drop menu.
*This listing photos are taken with 125cm long. It’s bended in half for the photo with a clock.


50cm, 75cm, 100cm, 125cm, 150cm


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