Hydrangea Bouquet Single Stem – Wedding favor for guests

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  • Hydrangea Bouquet Single Stem
  • Wedding favor for guests
  • Felt flower arrangement
  • Mothers day gift from daughter
  • Farmhouse décor

This Hydrangea bouquet will never fade. An elegantly wrapped flower will be a great idea for your wedding favors or a thoughtful gift for mother’s day.
There are 6 small flowers in a stem and every stem of blossom is unique to give a natural look, just as you find in nature. Felt flowers will last much longer than fresh flowers and make a wonderful keepsake from your rustic style wedding to last a lifetime.
It will be also ideal for bridesmaid gifts, thank you gifts, party decorations, table décor, photo props, etc.

Dimension :
Hydrangea flowers; 8cm*8cm*5cm
Length of stem; 26cm

Pink / White / Purple /Blue

No flower wrapping / With flower wrapping

* Please choose color and style from the drop box.


Pink, White, Purple, Blue


No flower wrapping, With flower wrapping


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