Cherry Blossom


Sakura / Cherry Blossom

Sakura is the most popular and famous flower symbol in Japan so much so that there’s even a festival to celebrate its arrival in the spring. Sakura is a symbol of wabi-sabi, an important worldview in Japan relating to the acceptance of transience and imperfection as well as gentleness and kindness. It’s also a symbol representing everything in life that is considered as high-minded and honourable. Sakura’s are also closely related to samurai warriors who didn’t make plans for the future but constantly tried to improve themselves.

Sakura branch

The peach blooms in spring, the season of many marriages, thus it symbolises matrimony. The plum blossoms represent perseverance, female virtue and tenderness. Sakura flowers depict how fast life can pass by. They bloom magnificently but fall to the ground in a short while.