Succulents lovers

Caring For Felt Flowers / Foliage Is Very Simple.

I pay extra attention to the packaging. However, shipping can sometimes cause flowers / foliage to lose their shapes. Please don't be afraid to use your fingers and gently pull each petal / leaf back out until you have opened the flower back out.

You can also use a slim hair straightener, on a medium heat, and gently use the tip / corner of the hair straightener, to either, flatten, or curl your petals into the desired shape of your flower.

PLEASE DO NOT water your felt flowers! However, if you spill water on your flowers, use a dry cloth to pat dry the flowers. Leave in a warm dry place until completely dry. You may find that that the flower/s lose its shape. If this happens, simply use your hands / fingers to fold / bend the petals back to their original shape