The Importance Of Colour

19 May 2021

Colour is an extremely powerful form of communication that can influence mood and individual sense of purpose. By applying different colours to your everyday life you can help create a positive environment of peacefulness and enhance mental clarity. 

My Creative Inspiration

12 MAR 2021

Hello! My name is Yuki, founder of The Tsubaki. 
I would like to share a few things about what influenced my business and where I draw my creative inspiration from.
I grew up in the countryside, in a small town near Hiroshima city in Japan. Whilst growing up I was fortunate to be surrounded by so much different variety of nature.

Our Mini Flower Selection

1 MAR 2021

This mini flower selection is made for a small gift or to give to yourself to bring colour and positive energy into lives. I’ve always wanted to create something simple not only to give us a gift but also as a treat to yourself to bring pretty blooms and colour into living spaces. 

It's Time Of The Year

24 Nov 2020

I think you’ll agree, 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. During this unique moment, we’ve been forced to sit back, reflect and develop a different way of living. 
Naturally there have been many periods of anxiety and concern about what’s coming next. However one positive I’ve become aware of (and I’m sure I’m not alone) is an appreciation for what’s around me and what’s really important in my life.

Stylish Nursery Ideas

14 JUN 2020

If you have a nursery then it is one of the key room in the house to decorate. It has to be of course child-friendly but as mums and dads we spend a lot time in there so ideally it should be comfortable and somewhere we can enjoy and relax in too.

Pleasure In Receiving

02 JUN 2020

Today I want to talk about the role of packaging when ordering and receiving a product and how important it is. You can have a good product but if it is poorly packaged then that will take the shine off receiving it and immediately make it feel less valued than it should be! Presentation is vital and something I’m very interested in. This could be the packaging of my products to the way I present food after cooking! The way something looks really effects the receiving person’s mood and is such a vital piece of the overall feel-good factor of receiving a parcel in the post!

Get Creative

18 NOV 2019

It’s that time of year when you want to make your home really special. I’m sharing some ideas and crafty projects series to inspire you to get creative for this Holiday season.

Green Collection

01 MAR 2019

The mixed tones of greens  and combination of shapes are magical. Often as lovely as the flowers, greens can play a major role in creating a perfect composition.

Floriography, Hana Kotoba

31 JAN 2019

The name “The Tsubaki” came from my love of Camelia’s which is one of Japan’s most well known traditional flowers. 

The Language for Flowers

12 NOV 2018

Every flower carries its own special meaning or symbolism, and this can also be influenced by its variety and colour.