4 – Get Creative

Get Creative

18. November. 2019

1. Simple Wreath Hanging

Simple wreath decoration

Material and Tools
Faux Greenery Garland
(One 30cm / One 50cm/ One 75cm)
-Twin string

2. Woodland Advent Calendar

I would like to share how to make this woodland themed advent calendar.
I made a similar one for my children last year and had so many positive comments about it. Most importantly, my children loved it and were so excited to open it each day and count down until Christmas! So, who wants to make it?

Material and Tools
Faux Greenery Garland 150cm
-Wooden stick 90cm
-Felt bags (Use envelops alternatively)
-24 Numbers tags
-Twin strings
(8 strings of 60cm/ 8 strings of 40cm/ 6 strings of 20cm, 1 string of 90cm)
-24 large paper clips


1. Fix a paperclip onto a felt bag. Do the rest of clips.2. Hang a number tag on a clip. Do the rest of tags.
3. Arrange the felt bags in three rows.
4. Tie each twin string onto a wooden stick.
5. Tie each felt bag onto the bottom of each twin string.
6. Do the same as No.5 for the 2nd row.
7. Do the same as No.5 for the 3rd row.
8. Cut the excess twin strings.
9. Place greenery garland on the wooden stick.
10. Add fairy lights!

3. An Easy Christmas Table

One of my favorite things about the holidays is gathering friends and family around our dinner table and serving up a delicious home cooked meal. Whether it’s a small or big event, enjoy adding warm feelings on the table. Scroll through our centerpiece ideas that will make this year’s feast so much better!

4. Eucalyptus Modern Wreath

It’s very simple but this modern wreath will impress your guests I’m sure! Just choose your favorites ornaments to be personalized.

Materials & Tools
Eucalyptus Backdrop
-Your favorite ornaments
-Fairy lights

5. Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching! I know it’s what’s inside that matters, but I also think what’s on the outside is important too. Take inspiration from our gift wrappings and make sure your gifts look perfectly presentable under the tree this year!

Materials & Tools
-Gift Tag PDF (Free Download HERE)
– A4 220gms Card Paper
Willow Eucalyptus Short Stem
-Ribbon or Sting
-Craft knife or Scissors
-Hole punch