12- 5 Easiest way to upgrade your flower arrangements

5 easiest ways to upgrade your flower arrangements

06. May. 2022

When it comes to flower arrangements, it sounds complicated. However, once you know some tips, it’s actually not that difficult. You can even do it at home on your own without having to go anywhere or buy expensive materials. While all of this may sound quite daunting at first, don’t worry because you will soon see that everything is quite easy and straightforward with some practice. So what are some of the easiest ways to upgrade your flower arrangements? In this article, we’ll be discussing just that!

Simple flower arrangement

Some of the most stunning arrangements are the most simple.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of creating a stunning flower arrangement. The most successful arrangements sometimes rely on the simplest elements. A single stem in a vase can be an elegant, modern statement piece; a large container can pull together a selection of different flowers and colors in an eye-catching way that makes any space more interesting.

To create your own beautiful flower arrangements, remember, less is more. You don’t want your arrangement to be overcrowded with too many stems and colors, or else it’ll end up looking messy instead of chic.

Think outside the vase! Instead of using a traditional vase for your arrangement, consider using something like a novelty bottle or even just an empty glass bottle that you have around the house.

Add visual height and depth

To create a visually interesting floral arrangement, use flowers of different heights. Tall flowers should be positioned toward the back and short flowers can go near the front, or use a pedestal vase. Arrange blooms with long stems so that they fall over the sides and draw the eye up, down, side to side — “Move your eye around in an arrangement as much as possible.” Remember how it will look from above and below

Succulents are your secret weapon for indoor arrangements.

There are a few benefits to adding these plants to your arrangement: they add a nice contrast to the flowers, and they’re versatile. You can include them in an arrangement with multiple different types of blooms, or you can even just make an arrangement with succulents alone.

Don’t feel the need to mix and match multiple types of flowers.

The beauty of this approach is that you don’t need to use multiple species of flowers, and can even make arrangements with a single type. The trick is adding greenery like large leaves to serve as a base for the flowers. For example, if you want to create an arrangement with red roses, add some green leaves first—and then fill in the blank spaces with more roses. If you want to add some contrast, try using another color so it makes the roses pop; if not, try another type of greenery.

Also think about the mood you’re trying to set—this will help you pick out the right greenery for your arrangement. If you want something that looks more modern and minimalistic, then perhaps choose some of the spiky grasses or succulents for your centerpieces instead of using large flower arrangements.

Let your colours shine

Arranging flowers doesn’t need to be be stressful. By adding a few simple elements, you’ll make it easy to arrange your flowers with confidence. Colour coordination is key. You don’t need to go into full-on colour theory, but next time you buy flowers, consider the colour combinations that inspire you most and choose blooms accordingly. If you’re picking up an arrangement and have no clue where to start, try pairing pinks and purples for a romantic look or reds and oranges for something bolder. Not sure what color scheme will work best in your home? Stick with white! It’s a classic choice that never fails to make an impact.

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