9 – My Creative Inspiration

My Creative Inspiration

12. March. 2021

What I learned from my past

Hello! My name is Yuki, founder of The Tsubaki.
I would like to share a few things about what influenced my business and where I draw my creative inspiration from.
I grew up in the countryside, in a small town near Hiroshima city in Japan. Whilst growing up I was fortunate to be surrounded by so much different variety of nature.
There are 4 seasons in Japan like here in England and it always inspired me to see how beautiful the outdoor world is.
During my childhood, I spent a lot of time with my family and friends. We picked flowers, grass, branches, fruits, stones, and sand to play with, made secret bases in forests, picked fish and crabs in streams and so on.
This helped forge my curiosity to travel which is something I’ve grown to love doing. Experiencing different cultures, conversing with people in different languages and dialects and eating local cuisine is something I’ll never grow tired of.
New Mexico Gallup Balloon Festival
My hometown in Hiroshima, Japan
I had many fascinating times living in New Mexico for a year while studying English. This was my first big adventure and completely opened my mind to other cultures and worlds. My beautiful host teacher was my inspiration. She lived in Africa, Mongolia, and South Korea as a teacher and was so naturally happy in offering help and support to a complete stranger that it made such an impression on me that whilst we are all different, we’re all the same too. She looked after me like I was a sister.
I stayed in a Native American reservation in New Mexico. There I saw their rich culture, beautiful colouful art and their own unique language. Everyone was so welcoming and made me think about how I interact with others and my outward persona. Now I love making people happy and treating people to gifts and surprises as I know how important it is to lift each other.
Finally when I was young I loved playing the piano. I started when I was 4 all the way to 19 where I was classically trained. Music helped give me a realise as naturally I’m not very good at expressing my emotions verbally. Looking back, by absorbing myself in playing the piano, it helped me remain calm when I felt stress or anxiety. I appreciate how fortunate my childhood was and my life still is. I still play the piano and it will always be a big part of my life.
Here is just a small sample of what inspired me to do what I’m doing in making my own floral creations. I’m very lucky and fortunate but really do believe that through nature and just being outside we can find our own creativity and inspiration.