Put Your Feet Up And Give Yourself A Moment To Breathe. You Are Important Too.

We all live busy lives. Your home is vital space where you can be yourself and spend time with your loved ones, family and friends. Make it unique and special where you can celebrate your peace and happiness.

My name is Yuki, mother of 2, wife of a busy husband, and proud creator of “The Tsubaki”, my own unique project.

As a wife and mother of 2 children, I recognise how life can regularly feel pretty chaotic. Between the daily tasks that need to be done, it can be easy to forget to take a moment to yourself and just celebrate what is around you and the world we live in.

By creating and decorating your world with something unique and completely hand-made my aim is to inspire people to take a moment to remind themselves how special and beautiful the world is.

Adding a hand created flowers can help reconnect you to the beauty of life. Felt flowers are durable and sturdy, unlike fresh flowers, which are prone to wilting, tearing or falling apart and need to be maintained. Due to their endless lifespan, felt flower arrangements are great props for bringing peace to the family home, along with including as a back-drop in family photo-shoots, birthday celebrations and weddings.

It’s all designed with busy people in mind. We all know that flowers for a sick relative have a positive psychological effect, but there is research to say they could even lower blood pressure, reduce feelings of pain and anxiety as well as help with fatigue. The view of flowers in your home is able to help you to physically de-stress, relax and reconnect again with the beauty of home and the outside world.

Place felt flowers around your home, take a moment to reflect and feel your stress reduce by celebrating all that is beautiful in your world. You deserve it.
In 3 years, our handcrafted felt flowers have inspired over 1000 busy customers, with many reorders which serves as evidence of the peace and beauty they help to fill a room with. In a continually hectic world, we continue to serve and help people of all ages and background all around the world to take a moment to find peace.

I hope my products will help you to find serenity, even at the most stressful times. Take a deep breath and remember this world and moment belongs to you too. You are important.